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Provincial Labour Office Buriram

Buriram centers help workers be termination.


Buriram Province. Help center workers are lay the provincial labor office. After affected by economic crisis. Are likely to employ disabled workers has increased. Labor has now been registered as unemployed per day for at least 30 more.

(25 Nov 51) said net Surat Koson careers Buriram Province. Have recently stated. Buriram Province. Has worked with agencies in the Department of Labor. Surveillance Center to help disabled workers to hire. By operators in industrial and rural. The likely increase continuously. After affected by economic crisis. And pluralistic trends, expected out next year will be high since labor is termination million. Which now has both workers and the provinces. Been registered as unemployed. And the job position vacancies. Employment Plus office. Buriram. Not less than 30 cases per day has also been a labor of Nikon. To lay more than 20,000 workers were registered as unemployed and job recruitment office and a number 3.

Employment province. Also specify whether another. The center has a role in monitoring the situation of disabled employment. And for the unemployment register. Send free professional training needs. Provides support positions who is termination. The center currently provides the jobs available in the province is supporting more than 8,700 rate will also help You track the amount of compensation from the workplace to such termination also.