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Provincial Labour Office Buriram

Labor Muang Buri Ram Partners private. Joint delay and maintain conditions of employment.


Office workers province Buriram. Signed with the private sector involved in the maintenance of employment and termination block and slow the problem of unemployment. During the economic crisis today (July 31, 52), office workers province Buriram. With offices in the Department of Labor with 4 companies, including its North Lewis Rubber Co. K. M. I. Forbes forest Ltd. Buriram Pan feet Software Ltd. and sugar Buriram, Ltd., a company hired workers. number. Signed a Memorandum of Agreement in the treatment of conditions of employment. And slower termination. Enhance the project workers. In workplace affairs. To prevent and alleviate problems lay with Mr. consideration favors excellent deputy provincial governor as chairman, and witnessed the signing ceremony. The organization participating will be slow to lay workers. A period of not less than 1 year, the latest survey found that Mon Buriram have unemployment is over 10,000 Miss Conception Kirti right close. Labor Employment province Buriram indicate that the 4 companies that join the program. To obtain funding in the program improve workers in workplace affairs. To prevent and alleviate problems lay together 10 million baht believe will help reduce the problem of unemployment of workers in the province has a well.